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P318 Ready For Santa

Project finished size: 3 x 10 & 6 x 10 in.

Ready for Santa is a follow up to our very very popular Calendar series, this is void of a "month"banner, so you're welcome to leave it up long after we're into December. Ha ha ha ha. Easily clips onto the 12 inch Bi Mount stand. Super beginner friendly pattern uses traditional raw edge applique with fusible web.

Pattern includes:
•    Step-by-step instructions, beginner friendly, leaving no step unexplained
•    Templates you’ll love – bold, labeled, ready and easy to trace anywhere
•    Project layout guide – in color, numbered shapes aid with placement
•    Binding instructions for creating neat proper binding
•    Great Basic Tips for the basic skills required to make the project
•    Hand embroidery stitch instructions with diagrams
•    Templates for personal cutting machines – non labeled, non reversed, ready to scan and cut               

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